The salmon fishing is over! Welcome to a sea trout party!

  • Blogg

The salmon season in the Beiar river is over once again. From the Storjord bridge and down to the sea, you can still fish for sea trout. Thank you to all our visitors, and welcome to whoever wants to come try at the sea trout!

9083220329644869235This has been a special season, because of the flooding and pandemic. The fishermen have been sporty, and fished flooded waters while respecting our corona guidelines. Here\s a salmon getting its freedom back. Photo: Robert Selfors, salmon host

Thank you to everyone who decided to spend hours and days along the Beiar river. We hope you have made some great fishing- and nature experiences in our beautiful valley. The fishing for salmon has now ended (31.08), but the sea trout fishing will continue until september 14th. Remember that this only applies to sea trout, and all salmon must be released. The sea trout can be fished from the Storjord bridge and down to the sea. 
The river is still here, and you're all welcome. It is full moon season, and great conditions this weekend. In other words; great conditions for sea trout waiting to spawn.

Tight lines!

DSC03744 foto av Robert Selfors