A unique year gives us 200 salmon!

  • Helge Osbakk, Board Leader
  • Blogg

From July 14th, lasting the rest of the season, the Beiar river has been given an extra limit of 200 fish. The fishing will start from 06:00 tomorrow, and last until the fish are caught!

P1366734Now everyone can fish for real giant salmon in the Beiar river! Take advantage of this opportunity, because this year is unique. The extended limit, and most likely the season itself are really special! Wet nets! Photo: Tommy Egra, SNVF

When the limit for the mid season evaluation is fished, it will be reported on our website, and our facebook directly. From that point on all fishing will be stopped. During this season we’ll continually update the amount of fish left on the limit, and you as a fisherman have the responsibility of keeping track of the rules regarding the extra fish. The limit also counts the other put down salmon, and will be counted towards the 190 salmon and the 10 salmon reserved for our younger fishermen. 

For you, this means you can take 1 large salmon, and 3 salmon under 65cm, which is your total yearly limit.

A unique year shows unique results!

This limit is a result of a extraordinarily great last year, with exceptionally high numbers of spawning fish in the river, combined with this year being a great season with few fishermen because of the coronavirus. Therefore, the county has agreed to a proposal of adding 200 fish of any size and sex. This is very unique, and we ask for our fishermen to report their catches as fast as possible making sure we keep with our limit, and we don’t have to take from the youth limit.