Nobody will be allowed to fish during their quaratine time.

  • Helge Osbakk, Board Leader
  • Blogg

Fishermen who wish to fish the river while quarantined, have suddenly become an issue we need to solve. Authorities have changed the restrictions regarding quarantine, and now swedes from red zones, among others, want to fish - even in quarantine. Sadly, that will not be allowed as of this blog being posted.

shutterstock 1664361598The 2020 season will always be remembered for more than just large salmon and unforgettable moments in “the world's best salmon river”. The coronavirus has hit our country hard, changing how we have to live. We have to think about ourselves and other people in a different way. For example, we had to stop using hand shakes, and turn to high fives using our elbows or feet, or even just nodding. Banning fishermen from fishing with us is not an easy decision to make, but we’re going to do our part for society and to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum. Foto: Shutterstock

This applies to everyone that wants to fish with us, but is in quarantine, though it mainly applies to our swedish guests. Spending your 10 quarantine days in the river is hard, as you have to meet people to disinfect, get somewhere to live and you’re guaranteed to meet people in the river.

A hard, but necessary decision

Swedish fishermen, along with fishermen from all around, will always be welcomed into Beiarn with open arms! This is an exception, we were not prepared for this kind of fishing tourism. Of course we want all our fishing friends here, even in these trying times. We’ve had to take many things into consideration. After spending the last 24 hours talking with the municipality, landowners and the Beiarelva SA leadership about the situation on hand, we decided to exclude quarantined fishermen from the river. How we run the river is not compatible with letting quarantined fishermen fish here, at least not responsibly.

Impossible to run the river safely

Most of our operating functions in the river are based on getting close with other people. For example fishing licenses, less than half of the zones use a electronic alternative, the rest are based on private sales. The same problems arise when we come to disinfecting, our river supervisors, handling dead salmon that have to be delivered to land owners, accomodation, toilets, shelters and more. We need to take our fishermen’s safety, and the local’s safety into consideration. We do not want Beiarelva SA to contribute to a spread of the coronavirus in our valley.

The municipality agrees

We have been in talks with the municipality since the coronavirus came, and we’re now facing a new situation. The municipality agrees the situation is problematic, and how hard it will be to keep the virus under control. 

Therefore, we’re truly sorry that we have come to this decision. We can’t open the river for people in quarantine. We will - however - keep watching the situation, and keep in contact with the experts, and stay in line with the authorities’ rules whether they make them more strict, or less. The salmon season is not over, and we can all hope that the coronasituation our friends from sweden are experiencing changes quick, and we can meet along the river once again!

shutterstock 1750753667
We still have to think about eachother! The fact that we don’t let certain people into our river, doesn’t change the fact that the virus is still not under control! We must keep in mind that a second wave could still come. All our shelters have a bottle of hand sanitizer. Let’s work together, get rid of the coronavirus, and get our swedish friends back! The faster the better! Photo: shutterstock