Free to use equipment for all fishermen under the age of 16!

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Finally! Our free to use rods have arrived! From tomorrow, and throughout the season, anyone under the age of 16 can borrow good salmon rods! Beiarelva SA has spoons, so anyone can fish, without spending a dime!

P1366734Anyone who has fished the Beiar river knows the equipment has to be sturdy to land the big salmon. The rods, reels and lines are the right size, quality and strength. For the reels, we have Abu Elite Max 60’s. They have 7 ball bearings and hold about 200 meters of 0.42mm Berkley XL line. The rods are 9’, 10’ and 11’, so everyone can get a rod that suits them the best.  Photo: the salmon host

This means anyone under the age of 16 can come fish Norway’s best salmon river with top tier Abu Garcia and Berkley equipment, without paying for a license or equipment. All the free to borrow rods are handled by the salmon hosts at Storjord. They’re all brand new, and filled with top quality fishing line.

A great move to get our youth into salmon fishing!

We want the younger people to start using the river, and get used to, and good at catching salmon. To make it easier to get started, SNVF has partnered up with Fish and Game and given them 20 rods and reels to lend out! These will be used for various classes, events, and activities dedicated to the young residents in our village. There are also 15 pairs of waders and 5 top quality 2-hand fly rods and reels from Greys & Hardy for events and demos!

- We really appreciate all the equipment, and we believe it will be used a lot, and our youth will get a lot of fun out of it! Considering the size of the fish that they can catch, it is a good thing the quality is so high, and that our salmon hosts always send the youth out with equipment that works, says Stein Ove Johannesen, who works with Atle Frøysland (SNVF). They, together, have worked towards making this opportunity for the young fishermen a reality.

This is how it's lent out:

Any equipment is lent out by the salmon hosts at the Storjord salmon office. All lent out equipment is registered, and a deposit of 100 NOK is taken. The rods can be lent for 3 days, 3 times a season. When the rods are returned, the deposit is given back if the rod and reel are intact, and there is still line on the reel. The low deposit is set by the supplier Pure Fishing AS, who cover all the costs to make sure the youth can fish away without worries. The rods have to be picked up and delivered at the salmon office at Storjord within opening hours, and the salmon hosts will make sure the equipment is still intact when you return it!

Beiarelva SA will also give out one salmon lure for each rod. You also need to give this back when returning the rod, but you do not need to return it if you lose it!

100% free for anyone under the age of 16!

For kids under the age of 16 all of this will be free of charge! The fact that you can fish in the river for free as long as there is a paying adult accompanying you, makes the whole fishing trip free of charge! PSA: If you fish for free, your fish will count towards the adult’s limit. If you pay for your own license, you get your own limit to fish on. For good advice, swing by the salmon office, and we’ll help you out! Welcome!

Tight lines!

P1022946Without a good lure, the salmon aren’t easy to trick. Beiarelva SA will be lending out these lures to whoever borrows a rod, risk free! Photo: the salmon host