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Fishermen like to share their catch or experiences from the Beiar river. In this photo competition, if you win, you can choose either the legendary Abu Garcia golden reel, or the infamous Cascapedia by Hardy. Everyone who enters the competition are in the running for some extra prizes. Share your pictures and participate!

P1366734Two of the world’s most renowned and sought after reels have ended up at the salmon office. If you want to swing by to look at either the golden Abu reel, or the handmade Hardy beauty, they’re both at the salmon office. If you’re lucky, and you have some great pictures to enter with, you can pick which one if want - provided you win! Photo: salmon host

We need some good pictures to use on our website. These can represent one of the zones, show the beauty of our river, or maybe capture the feeling of catching a salmon! Photos from the river or shelters are also important, so any photo representing something that has to do with salmon fishing in the Beiar river is great!

Legendary prizes

IMG 20200723 154932To make even the most hardcore fishermen put their rods away to look for last year’s, or even yesterday's pictures, we needed some insane prizes. We really went all out, and got two legendary reels. You can pick which one you want, provided you win the competition. One is the gold plated Abassadeur 5500 CDL for the lure fishermen. The other one is probably the world’s most famous salmon fly reel - Hardy Cascapedia, made by P. Lundy in England. Both are incredibly expensive, high quality and worthy prizes for Norway’s best salmon river’s photo competition. Many choose to have these prizes on their shelf, maybe as decoration, while others can hardly wait to cast with them. The winner will choose for themselves, which reel and what to do with it.

Extra prizes

For everyone to have a chance at winning something, we chose to add an Abu Garcia Elite Max 60 spinning reel as an extra prize for all participants. We also added 10 extra prizes for juniors from Norway. Ten young fish photographers have the chance to win a Abu Koster salmon lure each, as well as the spinning reel and the main prize. This is sure to give our youth some incentive!

Simple rules

To participate in the competition there are simple rules you need to follow. We need these to make sure all participants own the rights to the photos they submit, and to make sure the quality is good, so that the best pictures win!

1 - The photos must be yours, and taken with your camera. If there are other people in the photograph, you are responsible for them giving you consent to submit it.

2 - The photos can’t be manipulated, but adjusting light levels and cropping is allowed.

3 - You can use old photos, but they must be of the Beiar river.

4 - The pictures have to be HD, and delivered digitally. Scanned pictures will also work. Submit as many as you want.

5 - By submitting a photo to the competition you automatically agree to let Beiarelva SA use your photos (we will credit you) on our websites and facebook.

6 - Use the subject “Laksebildet 2020” and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Use a shareable album link if sending large photos.

IMG 20200723 155112

Prize table

1st prize: Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500CDL Retail: 9500,- NOK or Hardy Cascapedia Salmon Reel Black Retail: 7500,-  NOK

1st secondary prize:  Any person that submits a photo, is eligible to participate in the drawing of a Abu Elite Max 60 spinning reel filled with line. Retail 1699 NOK

2nd secondary prize: All participants under the age of 18 are eligible for a drawing of 10 salmon lures (1 per person)



IMG 20200723 155740The winning pictures are chosen by a professional fishing photographer, a board member and the salmon host at Storjord. The competition ends on september 10th. The winners will be published on our websites september 11th, and will be contacted. For all foreign participants we require you to have at least bought a fishing license once. We’ll send the prize to the winner, no matter where in the world. We’re so proud that people from all over come to us to fish, so that’s the least we can do!








Det er viktig å ikke bare tenke poseringsfoto med stor og flott laks. Laksefiske er så mye mer, og vi verdsetter komposisjon, bildekvalitet, stemning og hva bildet representerer når vi bedømmer bildene. Her er et av bildene som allerede brukes på nettsidene og som kunne ha vært en god kandinat. Foto: Tommy Egra, SNVF