Fishing guides in Beiarelva!

  • Helge Osbakk, Styreleder
  • Blogg

With a steady increase in interest for guides in the Beiar river, our board has decided we need to offer our fishermen quality guides. We have started to create a group of guides with experience that we can give permission to guide in the Beiar river.

P1366734The Beiar river is, and always will be a river for the people, where all kinds of fishermen can come to fish. The need for a better overview of professional guides that are available is increasing with the popularity of the river. For many, having access to a professional guide is normal, and we’re trying to make it like that for everyone! We will soon be able to present a group of skilled guides that are ready to give the salmon tourism in the valley a boost! Photo: Tommy Egra, SNVF

Our list of skilled guides will have to have gone through a course where they learn about the river, the fishing rules, safety, private rules for guiding, and handling of fish when doing catch and release.

After the guides have completed the course, and can offer good, and legal guiding via a guiding firm, they will be represented on our website. We think the offer will be well received by the potential guides, by the land owners, and among the fishermen who want guiding. We want to show that Beiarelva takes care of the fishermen.

A bad overview of guides

There are already guides doing guiding in our river. Some we know, and many of these do a great job and want to be part of the new overview. Others work more sporadically, and don't conform to the standard and requirements Beiarelva SA want to set for the future. After the board decided to start our new guiding overview, we encourage land owners to stop this kind of guiding, as without the land owners approval, it is illegal.

Message to potential guides

The Beiarelva SA board is now encouraging any and all potential guides in the Beiar river to contact Beiarelva SA. To get the best standard possible for our guide service in the river, two potential guides will be invited to a project group. The group will have to get a guide leader for the Beiar river, and make sure we keep a high and professional level on our services, to match the existing services we offer along the Beiar river.

What do we wish to achieve for our guides?

The goal for this project is to get the fishermen who fish the Beiar river an easy way to rent verified guides with the right qualifications, and being sure the guiding is done both professionally and legally. When the group is ready, we will make them their own presentation site on our websites. Our guide overview and guides will be presented with their experience, what zones they can guide in, and contact info. Last, but not least, we think the project will result in:

  • For it to be worth it to guide in the Beiar river.
  • That our project recruits both new and experienced guides.
  • An increase in salmon tourism, with more money going to the Beiarn community.
  • That the Beiar river's reputation gets even better!
  • That no customers or land owners have to have illegal guiding.
  • That it gets easier for salmon tourists to secure a guide well before the season.
  • That the land owners themselves can choose from the overview, who are the best guides in their zone of choice.
  • That the customers get a contract, where the pricing and responsibility are clearly shown.
  • That the fishermen who use a guide, fish legally, and get access to local knowledge and catch more fish, as well as have a great experience in Beiarn.

If you wish to take part in the new guide overview, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.