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Large salmon has ended!

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The extraordinary large salmon-limit in the Beiar river has ended. Thank you to all the fishermen who have fished the river in this period, to everyone who has helped landing big salmon, and to the people who have respected our rules for this special fishery. From tomorrow on, we continue the normal limit.

The limit has been reached! From midnight the 12th of August (night before 13th) all wild salmon over 65cm are to be carefully released back in to the river. Thank you to all of you that are following the current rules. We kept around 25 fish on the limit for youth fishermen, and accidentally killed oversize salmon for the rest of the season. Good luck with the fishing going forward.?
These are the current season limits and minimum sizes:
Salmon: 1 day limit: 1 salmon under 65cm per fisherman.
Season limit: 4 salmon under 65cm per fisherman.
All salmon over 65cm are to be released.
Minimum size: 35cm
Limit for released fish is 3 per day.
Farmed salmon can be killed all season, regardless of limits. Farmed salmon that are not verified by a license salesman are taken from your limit.
Only license salesmen or Beiarelva SA's selected people can decide what is or is not a farmed salmon. Farmed salmon do not count towards your limit, and are kept by the fisherman. Farmed salmon that are not judged to be farmed salmon count towards your limit.
Sea trout: 1 day limit: 4 sea trout under 65cm.
Season limit: 25 sea trout under 65cm
Minimum size: 30cm
All sea trout over 65cm must be released 
Tight lines!