Sørbygda (Trout fishing)

Sørbygda is some of the best that Beiarn has to offer a fisherman, if we ignore the fact that it does not hold salmon. However, until the salmon ladders open, the trout fishermen can experience a eldorado here!

Here you will find crystal clear deep pockets, slow flowing areas and wild waterfalls. The smaller fish are easy to catch, and easy to handle, but they large ones are a completely different story. You need to be a very experienced fisherman, which makes the fishing extremely exciting! If you want to experience the Beiar valley as wild as it gets, or you’re going to live in a tent or rent a cabin, this is the zone for you!

There are no nets or toilets along the zone. There are parking lots scattered all around, nearby the river.

  • Fishing licenses

    Full day license:
    200,- NOK

    Week license:
    400,- NOK

    Recruitment license:
    Free for children under the age of 16 if accompanied by an adult

    License sales:
    Andre Kristoffersen, Phone: +47 41639765

  • Shelters (0)

    There are no shelters along this zone

  • Parking (2)

    There are two parking lots at the zone

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