A zone with small rapids. Gravel and rocks dominate the riverbed. Salmon fishing and sea trout fishing with spin and fly. 

The Osbakk-area is about 1700 meters long, and runs from Hellåga to Larsos and borders with Haugmo between Koven and Gjeddågholmen. The zone is ideal for both spin and fly fishing. We have a selection of good spots, including Alberthøla and Djupåøyra.

There is a small campground by the shelter.

  • Fishing licenses (8)

    Full day licenses::
    300,- NOK

    Half day licenses:
    200,- NOK

    Recruitment licenses:
    Free for children if accompanied by an adult.

    License sales:
    Bjørg Carlsen, Phone: +47 40406755  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Shelters (1)

    There is a shelter close to the river bank.

  • Parking (2)

    There are two parking lots along the zone

  • Toilets (1)

    There is a toilet by the shelter.

  • Contact us!

    Leader: Helge Osbakk

    Phone: +47 90166639