Arstad Dokmo

Arstad Dokmo is a fairly long and beautiful zone in the lower part of the Beiar river. The zone is located near the ocean, meaning it gets affected by the tidal changes. It’s a really popular spot for seatrout-fishing.

You can fish the calmest and widest part of the river with all kinds of equipment, but worms and flies are the most popular. The river-banks are mostly sand, and can easily be fished by inexperienced fishermen with worms.
Many prefer the fly, especially fishing for the sea-trout, and since you can fish during the nighttime, the odds of you catching a sea-trout are high - especially in late june/august/september!

The zone has plenty of parking-slots with easily access. If you’re going to fish by boat out in the sea, there's a boat ramp at the large parking lot at the bottom of the zone.

  • Fishing licenses (30)

    Amount of licenses: 

    Full day license:
    Until the end of July 120,- NOK
    The rest of the season 150,- NOK

    Recruitment licenses:
    Free for children under the age of 16 if accompanied by an adult.

    License sales:
    Kvæl Camping Phone: +47 75568213
    Terje Nilsen Phone: +47 75568242
    +47 95449756 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Shelters (1)

    In this zone we have a shelter. It is located at the bottom of the zone, right after Buøyra at the river bank.

  • Parking (5)

    There are marked parking lots along the zone, evenly spread.

  • Toilets (1)

    There is a toilet near the shelter.

  • Contact us

    Leader: Terje D. Nilsen

    Phone: +47 95449756