Larsos is a relatively long fishing-zone that is very popular among both locals and travelling fishermen. Here, you can fish with several kinds of fishing equipment, and people who choose more than one method will benefit a lot when fishing Larsos!

The zone has small rapids with gravel, sand and rocks covering the river bottom. Not only do we have fantastic salmon fishing, but there are also a lot of huge sea trout being caught every year. We’ve built 4 shelters along the zone. One of these is called Lappåtøyra, which is one of the best shelters along the river! Larsos is a very well facilitated zone for the fishermen, and with easily access. There are also several parking lots along the river.

  • Fishing license (12)

    Amount of licenses: 

    One day license:
    500,- NOK June 15th and 16th
    The rest of the season 400,- NOK

    Half day license:
    400,- NOK

    Recruitment license:
    Free for children under the age of 16 if accompanied by an adult.

    License sales:

  • Shelter (4)

    There are 4 shelters

  • Parking (3)

    Coming soon...

  • Toilets (3)

    Coming soon...

  • Contact us

    Leader: Arne Martin Dyrnes

    Phone: +47 95153196

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