Vold is a relatively large zone, 3.8km long! The zone is suitable for any kind of fisherman. If you're out to fish salmon, Vold is a great zone for fishing high water levels. Bjørnskoøyra is known for great salmon fishing, and with Skoløyra these are the most popular spots for fishermen who find their way to Vold.

Below the bridge there are a lot of nice fishing spots, and the chance of getting a sea trout is really high. The zone also has two shelters. Vold is a zone often called a hidden pearl of Beiarn, and is well worth a try!

  • Fishing licenses (15)

    Full day license:
    350,- NOK
    250,- NOK in the worm and nighttime-zone

    Half day licenses:
    300,- NOK

    Recruitment licenses:
    Free for children under the age of 16 accompanied by an adult.

    License sales:
    Kvæl Camping, Phone: +47 75568213

  • Shelters (1)

    The zone has a shelter in the middle of the zone

  • Parking (1)

    There is a parking lot in the middle of the zone