Tvervika is a different kind of zone in the river. It is the most western zone, and it borders to the sea in the north, and Arstad Dokmo with the Dalos in the south. The zone is always affected by the tides, and therefore it is very interesting for sea trout fishermen. You can fish all night at Tvervik.

The fishing spots in Tvervika vary greatly depending on water levels in the river, and the tides. For the active fishermen who don’t mind moving, a good strategy is to start at the edge, and fish your way towards the rocks in the south with the tide. 

If you wish to fish the border to the fjord, this is the zone for you! You can wade out and fish the outlet and catch the huge salmon and sea trout that are just entering the river. At Langstiberget you can fish the zones deepest hole. A lot of fish stop here, and the chance of catching a few is high.

You can reach the zone easily from the Dalosen parking lot, by walking the path, but you can also park at the dock and walk through the woods to the outlet.

  • Fishing licenses (6)

    Full day license:
    150,- NOK

    Recruitment license:
    Free for children under the age of 16 if accompanied by an adult

    License sales:
    Kvæl Camping, Phone: +47 75568213  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Shelters (0)

    The zone has no shelters, but it does have rocks on both sides of the river that are easy to sit down and cook on, especially if you bring a lawn chair.

  • Parking (1)

    We have a large and easily accessible parking lot at Dalosen that can hold 4 cars.