The counting of spawning fish in the Beiarn river  was conducted with good visibility conditions last week. But from “Leiraaga” it was stop. 5 meters of visibility from Høgforsen down to Leiraaga at Molid gave good “counting conditions” for team-leader Øyvind Kanstad Hanssen & Co. Leiråga lives up to its name (with a supply of a lot of “grey water”), so the count ended there, says Kanstad Hanssen.

Registered salmon:
All included, this year’s count in the Beiarn river says 630 spawning salmon. Better than feared, but far from the top years from 2016>2019.

Registered sea trout:
Almost 1,700 sea trout were registered on the relatively short distance between Høgforsen and Leiraaga. With the fact that a large proportion of sea trout normally will be found between Leiraaga and Moldjord, these are really encouraging results. A high number of big sea trout (above 10 pound) were reported. 

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