In 1981, gyro (a parasite that causes death to freys) was discovered for the first time in the Beiarn river. After two extensive treatments with rotenone (that kills all life in the river), the Beiarn river was declared healthy in 2001. It took a full 20 years before the river could be opened again. A gyro-infected river will be a local tragedy. Disinfection will therefore be highly prioritized on the checklist at the salmon office. Everyone must disinfect all fishing equipment before fishing can be started. Disinfecting of fishing equipment is a prerequisite for fishing in the Beiarelva.

In the valley you will have access to several staffed disinfection stations. please check the overview, and find a stations nearby your location. In most places, it costs NOK 100 to disinfect the first time. (Free subsequent times/same season).

Always bring the disinfection certificate with you when fishing in the Beiarn river, in case of supervision. Fishing without disinfected fishing equipment means a ban for 1 year.

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