Transport: How to get to Beiarn

Luckily -Beiarn is far from the city larm. But, how to get to the valley? …The transport alternatives is the key.

Most people choose to rent a car in Bodø. An alternative is the daily bus or hitchhiked with friends. In order to plan your trip easily, we have set up the most common travel offers here. Remember that if you travel by public transport, we save the environment from unnecessary strain. The bus takes you directly from the airport to Storjord.

Bus from Bodø Airport to Beiarn

Except the summer months, the bus route is the only public transport from Bodø to Beiarn. There is one daily bus route in each direction, from Moldjord via Storjord and to Bodø Airport. If you have “some” extra time, and want to have a truly memorable journey – you can take the sea route by taxi boat to the city.

At “Reis Nordland” you can search for trips throughout Nordland, and download the timetable for line 300 which runs between Bodø Airport and Beiarn.
On the website “Ytre-Beiarn Velforening”, you can find an overview of the taxi boat’s departures and see prices for renting it outside the usual departures. For more information, you can also call the captain Trond Johansen on Phone: +47 480 89 555. All boat departures are from Tverrvik.

Rental car from Bodø

Most fishermen who come by plane rents a car. There are many providers in Bodø. Most of them are located at the airport (or nearby), but some are located in the city center or slightly outside the center. You can also use Getaround (formerly to get a car. These have proven to be particularly affordable if you want large special cars.