In progress: Its happening

For聽decades聽new salmon ladders in the Beiarn river has been kept alive and now it happening 馃檪聽

The work is progressing rapidly. When the new ladders are completed (planned November 2024), wild salmon and sea trout will be able to move聽 upstream the very beautiful Beiarn valley.

New ladders means approx. 250% increased spawning distance. All the wild salmon, which for 7 years have been transported upstream through the salmon fishery, will soon be able to swim freely home to their childhood pool.

This is the current status:
路 Forest clearing and road contract have been completed.

路 A “Notification of change” was submitted and approved in 2023: A tunnel-sollution was replaced with “open-gate” due to “bad” rock. (easier to carry out maintenance in the future)

路 Fauskebygg is working on the last contract, which is foundation and concrete work.

Status of the concrete works:
路 Broforsen: the concrete walls are almost completed.
路 Clean-up work is remaining / blasting of the intake channel and cleaning of the outlet area.

路 脴vre F酶rrholmen路 Walls 1, 2 and 3 have been made / retaining wall is in progress.

路 Middle/Lower F酶rrholmen: The road have been made.
路 Concrete and construction work not started

路 Lower F酶rrholmen: Blasting work and construction work have started

路 Groundwork H酶gforsen Tunell has been replaced with a channel (open-gate).

Progress is close to planned.

Stay tuned 馃檪

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