Quota changes: From 04th of July .2024


Beiarelva invited leaders of local land and river owners’ associations to a meeting on 3 July. We discussed the situation and the specific feedback that came from the landowners.

The  board members and  landowners agree about the following quota change for the 2024 season:

1: The board of Beiarelva SA decides, as a consequence of the reduced return of wild salmon at the national level, to reduce the seasonal quota from 3 to 2 small salmon under 65 cm. All salmon over 65 cm must be restocked. We encourages fishermen to release all females.

2: Large salmon quota will not be opened in 2024

These are the rules for 2024

Salmon: The daily quota is 3 salmon (of which a minimum of 2 are re-released) and where only one salmon under 65 cm can be killed per fisherman.
Seasonal quota: 2 salmon under 65 cm per fisherman (can be killed).
All salmon over 65 cm must be restocked
Minimum size 40 cm

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