A unexpectedly decrease

Somewhat unexpectedly, there was a decrease in this year’s number of catches compared to last year. The entry of large- and medium sized salmons was significantly lower, while the returning number of “grilse” was as expected.

We see the same decline in catches in almost all the Norwegian salmon rivers. The downward trend shows us that the wild salmon have many challenges. That is why it is important to continue the sustainability model that the Beiarn river has built on since 2012.

Not all catches are reported per October 20th, but the estimated reported catch is 3.2 tonnes.

Anyway, the outlook for the coming 3-4 seasons looks positive, as the catches in the 2016-17-18-19 seasons were very positive. The record year, the Beiarn river delivered more than 10 tonnes in just 2.6 miles of fishable stretch. A large number of spawning fish mean that we expect an upswing in the coming seasons. Stay Tuned 🙂

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