Catch- and release (C&R)

In most national salmon rivers there are a set of written and unwritten rules regarding handling catches. But how this is to be enforced in detail is not always as well described.

We encourage all fishermen to follow some basic principles in the Beiarelva:
– We encourage you to keep the fish in a net under water
– If lifting the fish – Keep it’s head/gills under water
– Use a hook-release pliers when hook is removed
– We encourage you to barbel-less hooks even if it is not required
– We encourage the use of small, and strong hooks
– Never lift the fish out of the water by only holding it by the tail.
– When entering the fish back to the river: Carefully lift the fish out of the net with one hand under the belly and one around the root of the tail
– The fish is released when it gives clear signals that it is ready to migrate back to the river.

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