Fishing rules 2022

Please respect our fishing rules, they're made in your best interest, aswell as the fish.

  • The fishing for salmon and sea trout is opened at parts of the Beiarn-river that´s affiliated to Beiarelva SA. From the lower part of the fishing ladder at Tollåga and Hauforsen, and the following 50 meter, fishing is forbidden. Above the fishing ladder at the Tollåga-river, fishing is forbidden (at the anadromous-zone).

  • The fishing season:

    Salmon: 15.06 - 31.08. The opening day (15.6), fishing starts at 12:00 AM and all trough the first night.

    Sea trout: 15.06. - 31.08. throughout the river. And below the Storjord-bridge from 01-14.09. 

    Sea char: fishing is not allowed 

    Fishing allowed from 06:00 until 24:00

    For the rest of the season (except the opening day), the daily fishing period is from 06.00 AM until 12PM (from the area where the powerline crosses the river at the Kvæl-beat and further upstream to the ladders at Tollåga and Hauforsen). That means: The river is closed between 12 PM until 06 AM in the morning!!! You can fish the whole day trough from the area where the powerline crosses the river at the Kvæl-beat, and all the way downstream to the fiord at Tvervik. 

    At low water levels, banning fishing in parts of the river can be considered.

  • Salmon: Season limit and minimum length:

    · Daily quotes: Only one (1) salmon below 65 cm pr. angler pr. day

    · Only four (4) salmons below 65 cm pr. angler pr. season

    · Size: The minimum size for salmon is 35 cm

    · Maximum three (3) released fishes pr. angler pr. day

    · All salmons above 65 cm must be released back to the rives as gentle as possible.

    · Farmed salmons must be removed from the river entire the whole season - regardless of quotes.

    · Farmed salmon must be presented to the license seller. If not – the fish is considered as a part of the   fisherman’s daily quote.

    · The license seller or a representative of Beiarelva SA has the authority to confirm what is farmed salmon only.


    Seatrout: Catches, quotes and minimum size

    Daily quotes: Only two (2) sea trouts under 60 cm pr. angler pr. day

    · Maximum 15 sea trout under 60 cm pr. angler pr. season.

    · Size: The minimum size for sea trout is 30 cm

    · All sea trout above 60 cm must be released.


  • It is only permitted to use fishing equipment with max. one triple hook

    · We recommend to use barbless hooks when practicing catch and release 

    · Worm bait fishing can be practiced throughout the whole river

    · Maximum one fishing rod pr. angler. Leaving the rod while fishing is not allowed

    · Usage of fishing gaff or spotting fish with electronic equipment is forbidden

    · Fishing with fly combined with lead weight sinker is forbidden.

other fishing rules

  • All fishing equipment including boots, waders, canoes, boats or other equipment used as a part of the fishing (attached to water) must be disinfected before use. Disinfection certificate from other rivers is not valid!

    Movable fishing based on rotation is required (Downstream).

    Both killed, released fish or “no-catch” must be registered and reported at your fishing license within 1 day after the fishing stops.

    All fish above 65 cm that is killed due to injuries, must immediately be reported to the license seller by SMS, phone or physical meeting. The fish must physical be presented the landowner or fishing license seller.

    Shell samples from all killed fish (including farmed fish) must be put into specially designed envelopes and delivered to the landowner or license seller at the end of fishing.

    All fish must be treated as gently as possible into the water to avoid mortality, when practicing catch and release. Suitable pliers must be used when removing the hook as well as knotless net when landing the fish. One tip on how to measure the length of the fish is to add a mark on your rod at 65 cm. Significant violations of the fishing rules must be reported to the license seller or salmon office at Storjord.

  • Tight lines!

Consequences if rules are broken