Fishing rules 2021

Please respect our fishing rules, they're made in your best interest, aswell as the fish.

  • The parts of the Beiar river that are run by Beiarelva SA open for salmon and sea trout fishing! By the salmon ladders in Tollåga and Hauforsen, 50 meters below the ladders are protected, meaning no fishing allowed. In Tollåga you're not allowed to fish the area that hold anadromous fish above the ladder.

  • Fishing times

    Salmon: 15.06 - 31.08.

    Sea trout: 15.06. - 31.08. throughout the river. Below Storjord bridge until 14.09.

    Sea char: fishing is not allowed


    Fishing allowed from 06:00 until 24:00

    Opening day, 15.06 fishing starts at 12:00 and is open all through the night. At the Tvervik, Arstad/Dokmo, Soløy, Moldjord, and parts of Vold (Storøyra) up to the power line and where it borders to Kvæl - fishing is allowed 24 hours a day all season.

    At low water levels, banning fishing in parts of the river can be considered.

  • Season limit and minimum length:
    1 day limit: 1 salmon under 65 cm.
    Season limit: 4 salmon under 65cm.
    All salmon 65cm and over are to be released.
    Minimum size: 35 cm
    Limit for released fish is 3 fish per day.

    Fish deemed to be escaped salmon from fish farms are to be killed the whole season, and do not count towards limits. Salmon that is not deemed to be a farmed salmon by a licence salesman will count towards limits.

    Only licence salesmen or people chosen by Beiarelva SA are to decide if a salmon is a farmed salmon or not. Farmed salmon do not count towards limits, and can be kept by the fisherman. Farmed salmon deemed to actually be wild salmon are to be delivered to the card salesman.

    Sea trout:
    1 day limit: 4 sea trout under 65cm.
    Season limit: 25 sea trout under 65cm.
    Minimum size: 30cm.
    All sea trout over 65cm are to be released.


  • It is only allowed to fish with up to one treble hook.

  • It is recomended to fish with barbless hooks.

  • Only one fishing rod per fisherman is allowed, and the rod is not to be left unattended during fishing.

  • Using a gaff, or any electronic equipment used to find fish is strictly prohibited.

  • Fishing with a fly and a sinker is not allowed. If fishing with a fly, it needs to be with a fly rod, or with a float as the casting weight.

other fishing rules

  • Any and all equipment including boots/waders are to be disinfected before fishing in the Beiar river and side rivers that contain salmon no matter where the equipment was last used. This applies to canoes, boats and other equipment being used in the river. Disinfecting certificates from other rivers are not valid in the Beiar river.

  • Moving downstream while fishing is required.

  • Any killed and released fish are to be documented on a card and reported within 24 hours of catch. No catch is also to be documented. Fish over 65 cm that die due to damages are to be reported to the licence salesman via SMS (phone number is given with licence sales).The fish is to be presented and given to the land owner or licence salesman.

  • Fishermen are required to take scale samples from all salmon killed.

  • Fish that are going to be released must be handled very carefully to avoid unintended fatalities.

  • All fishermen are required to have a pair of needle nose pliers for unhooking fish. If the hook is swallowed, cut the line as close as you can and release the fish. Every fisherman should have access to a knotless net.

  • Injured or tired fish are to be placed in resting boxes if there are any nearby.

  • It is recommended to mark your rods at 65cm so that measuring if a fish is too long is quick and easy. Those extra seconds are crucial if the fish is to be released!

  • Tight lines!

Consequences if rules are broken

  • Anyone fishing in the Beiar river automatically accept the fishing rules and are required to follow them. Breaking the rules is a criminal offense, and can lead to a police case. 

    Consequences regarding illegal equipment
    Equipment and disinfecting

    Fishing without disinfected equipment

    1st. / Ban 1 year

    Use of illegal fishing equipment                    

    1st. / Warning              

    2nd. / Ban 1 day          

    3rd. / Ban 1 year

    License, fishing times and locations                   

    Fishing without valid license 

    1st. / Ban 1 year

    Fishing with another person’s license

    1st. / Ban 1 year

    Fishing in no-fishing hours       

    1st. / Warning    

    2nd. / Ban 1 year

    Fishing outside of season

    1st. / Ban 2 years

    Fishing in the wrong zone                                       

    1st. / Warning                

    2nd. / Ban 1 day   

    3rd. / Ban 1 year

    Fishing without state license                                       

    1st. / Will lead to a police report - ending in a ticket

    Fish limits

    Killed fish up to 5cm over max size          

    1st. / Ban 1 day      

    2nd. / Ban 1 year

    Killed fish more than 5cm over max size

    1st. / Ban 1 year

    Exceeding allowed amount of killed fish per day                 

    1st. / Ban 1 day  

    2nd. / Ban 1 year

    Killed too many fish in one season

    1st. / Ban 1 year

    Lack of reporting catch/no catch  

    1st. / Ban 1 day       

    2nd. / Ban 1 year

    Fish that are to be delivered, not being delivered      

    1st. / Ban 1 year


    Bans are valid from time of day, date and year.